Written by Tyler Kastelberg

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Happy Sunday! 

We’re taking off next weekend for the Christmas holiday to enjoy time with family and friends, so this is going to be my last email in 2021. 

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Sit back, pour yourself a cup of that homemade eggnog from your inlaws, and let’s get to it … 

2021 … quite a ride, and very little to do with COVID

Bullpen looked very different when we started the year. We ran a web app, similar to Upwork, where real estate employers and freelancers could connect for freelance gigs. 

While that sort of worked, we had abysmal growth, and customers complained about bad experiences … freelancers hated applying for jobs and not hearing anything, while employers were overwhelmed with the number of applicants on their job posts. In fact, only 15% of job posts resulted in a hire. 

In March, I made the hard decision to u-turn the ship (more like a mid-sized rowboat at the time). We killed the self-service web app and funneled all hiring requests through our sales team. In the same week, I made the decision to lay off the majority of our engineering team … that was a rough week. 

In April, we started to see the light … employers liked having a talent manager handpick a candidate for them, and freelancers enjoyed building relationships with our team. The business started to boom, and between April and now, we’ve hit new revenue records every month.  

To my mother’s joy, we even started offering our employees health insurance benefits. 

In August, I started a weekly Sunday email (the email that you’re reading right now). This led to 50+ phone calls with customers and subscribers on topics ranging from the nuances of marina investing to real estate crypto projects. It’s been such a fun time – thank you! 

What’s next? 

I gave a teaser about a potential “teams” offering in my last email (PS – thanks to all the people who responded and hopped on calls with me this week). 

I’ll save the rest for after the New Year. 

Before we go, many thanks to Bryan Flaherty for the kind words … 

“The Bullpen team has worked tirelessly on our behalf helping us identify top talent for our growing team. They were hands-on throughout the process, extremely proactive and transparent, and ultimately have been a tremendous value add for our firm, allowing us to focus on our core competency of providing attractive investment opportunities for our investors.” 

Enjoy time with your loved ones, and Merry Christmas!

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