5 Pro Tips to Master A Bullpen Analyst Phone Interview

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As a Bullpen freelance analysts, you’ll regularly meet with potential clients on the phone. During the phone interview, clients want to learn about you and your background. Most importantly, they’ll look to build confidence in your ability to solve their analyst need. For those of you who interviewing doesn’t come naturally, use the following 5 pro tips to master your analyst phone interview!

1. Introduce yourself

Have a clear and concise elevator pitch ready to discuss your education, professional background, and some client friendly personal details (i.e. hobbies).  A clean introduction is very important when interviewing over the phone. A common way to sound happy and excited is to smile before you speak.

2. Discuss relevant prior work

If you have relevant experience or a good story about when and where you’ve worked on a similar project, talk about it on the call! Highlight the way you managed the project and where you encountered bottlenecks. Providing examples of prior work and stories about solving common problems gives the client confidence in your experience!

3. Bring questions to the call

Come to the call with a basic understanding of the client’s problem and leading questions that showcase your skills. Make sure your questions support your skills! Avoid questions about tasks you can’t support.

4. Close the call

Ask if the client if they have any further questions that will help them make a decision about your compatibility for their need.  Address any hesitations the client may have with a story or project about how you addressed their exact hesitation in the past.

5. Most importantly, be yourself

People choose to work with people they like. The fact that you were accepted into Bullpen’s Talent Network means you have the skills to support institutional level real estate clients. You are the expert. Be confident and authentic!

Tyler is the Founder & CEO of Bullpen. He uses the blog to share ideas and resources on topics that matter with readers who will shape the future of commercial real estate.

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