6 Steps to Scope Your Project

6 Steps to Scope Your Project and Win More Gigs

A project’s cost is a function of the number of hours that it takes to complete it so providing an accurate estimate is critically important. Get it right and you’ll deliver within the client’s budget. Get it wrong and you risk upsetting them.

Broker's Price Opinion

What is a Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO)?

A broker’s price opinion (BPO or sometimes referred to as a broker’s opinion of value, BOV) is an analysis performed by a commercial real estate broker that provides an estimate of value or price for real estate.

7 Ways To Find Brokerage Clients

7 Creative Ways to Find Brokerage Clients

Here are seven creative ways to find new brokerage clients in any market. Add these to your tried and true arsenal and you’ll be building a powerful book of business in no time.

Retail Disposition Model

Retail Disposition Model

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free investment models online to help maneuver the seemingly complex world of commercial real estate valuation. Many of

How to Create & Manage a Remote Team

There a benefits and drawbacks to creating a remote team, actively building a bridge between communication gaps gives you the benefit of a powerful team in house and remotely.

A Smarter Way to Build Your Team

What is Bullpen? Bullpen connects expert commercial real estate freelancers with top companies who value time and efficiency. Like a staffing agency? Not really. Bullpen

All You Need to Know About Equity Multiple

Only What Matters: Equity Multiple

What is it? Equity multiple is the second most popular profitability metric for real estate investors and developers. How is it calculated? Equity multiple describes

Strategies When Talking to CRE Brokers

Strategies When Talking to CRE Brokers

Approaching experienced professionals as a novice in any industry can be nerve racking. Before meeting an experienced broker, master your knowledge, position, and questions. Use

Top 3 CRE Analyst Tasks

Analysts work on a vast array of tasks, but what are the top 3 commercial real estate analyst tasks? Using data collected from hundreds of