6 Steps to Scope Your Project

6 Steps to Scope Your Project and Win More Gigs

A project’s cost is a function of the number of hours that it takes to complete it so providing an accurate estimate is critically important. Get it right and you’ll deliver within the client’s budget. Get it wrong and you risk upsetting them.

Guide to New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credits program, or NMTC, is a component of the Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000. The goal of the program is to stimulate investment in low-income areas. Commercial real estate developers use the NMTC program to secure advantageous debt and equity terms for developments.

3 Hidden Things Can Kill the Deal R2

Site Visits — 3 Hidden Things Can Kill Your Deal

Site visits are a key component of due diligence and can often be overlooked. A wise buyer will dig deep on environmental hazards, ingress/egress and easements, parking, and more. These principles apply across real estate asset classes and should be considered for any acquisition.

A Smarter Way to Build Your Team

What is Bullpen? Bullpen connects expert commercial real estate freelancers with top companies who value time and efficiency. Like a staffing agency? Not really. Bullpen

Top 5 Real Estate Analyst Mistakes

Your commercial real estate analyst might be good, but nobody is immune to human error. Long hours and monotonous PowerPoints will cause even the most

The Art of Financial Engineering

When underwriting your property, an analyst can “engineer” an investment IRR by adjusting the debt or business strategy in the pro forma.

Strategies When Talking to CRE Brokers

Strategies When Talking to CRE Brokers

Approaching experienced professionals as a novice in any industry can be nerve racking. Before meeting an experienced broker, master your knowledge, position, and questions. Use

Top 3 CRE Analyst Tasks

Analysts work on a vast array of tasks, but what are the top 3 commercial real estate analyst tasks? Using data collected from hundreds of

15 Step Due Diligence Checklist

Due Diligence refers to the time after signing a purchase contract that a buyer has to inspect a property. During this time the buyer is

5 Steps to Attract Tech Tenants

The United States accounts for $1.6 trillion of the global tech industry, which makes it the number one contributor in the world. It’s expanding at about

Opportunity Zone Teaser

Commercial real estate developers in the U.S. are eager to invest in opportunity zones (OZs), federally-designated areas where real estate investors can get a significant