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What type of companies do you work with? We typically work with commercial real estate investment, development, capital markets, brokerage, and corporate teams. Some of


Basics of Affordable Housing

We speak with Bullpen freelancer and BofA affordable housing VP Edd Hamzanlui on what it takes to succeed in the affordable housing investment landscape. 


From W2 to full-time freelancer

Bullpen freelancer Asheesh Patel’s journey from full-time professional to student to freelancer points to the unexpected benefits of freelancing for motivated professionals.


What does a lease analyst do?

Leases are the lifeblood of a commercial property.  The income that they produce is used to pay for a property’s operating expenses/debt service and anything


Guide to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit

When Congress passed the Tax Reform Act of 1986, it was then-President Reagan’s top domestic priority and it was a landmark piece of legislation. The purpose of the law was to simplify the tax code, reducing the number of tax brackets and lowering the top tax rate from 50% to 28%. But, that wasn’t the only major change. The law also created the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC Program).


6 Steps to Scope Your Project and Win More Gigs

A project’s cost is a function of the number of hours that it takes to complete it so providing an accurate estimate is critically important. Get it right and you’ll deliver within the client’s budget. Get it wrong and you risk upsetting them.


Guide to New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credits program, or NMTC, is a component of the Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000. The goal of the program is to stimulate investment in low-income areas. Commercial real estate developers use the NMTC program to secure advantageous debt and equity terms for developments.


Site Visits — 3 Hidden Things Can Kill Your Deal

Site visits are a key component of due diligence and can often be overlooked. A wise buyer will dig deep on environmental hazards, ingress/egress and easements, parking, and more. These principles apply across real estate asset classes and should be considered for any acquisition.


A Smarter Way to Build Your Team

What is Bullpen? Bullpen connects expert commercial real estate freelancers with top companies who value time and efficiency. Like a staffing agency? Not really. Bullpen


Top 3 CRE Analyst Tasks

Analysts work on a vast array of tasks, but what are the top 3 commercial real estate analyst tasks? Using data collected from hundreds of


Opportunity Zone Teaser

Commercial real estate developers in the U.S. are eager to invest in opportunity zones (OZs), federally-designated areas where real estate investors can get a significant


Hire team members, not freelancers

Bullpen connects commercial real estate experts and companies for on-demand work

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