Growth Strategy

Written by Tyler Kastelberg

April 3, 2022

Happy Sunday!

This week was one of those weeks that feels like the wheels were falling off the bus. Some of our processes fell apart, and our team was a ball of stress. One of my team members wisely reminded me that on the backside of struggle is our best growth. 😊

In other words, sometimes it’s good to “embrace the suck.”

Before we get started … a quick survey.

For the first time in years, I’m hearing mixed sentiments about the commercial real estate market from our community. Some folks are experiencing a slow down in their business, while others claim inflation and Fed actions have had zero impact on their markets. 

I’ve put together a very quick, April 2022 Market Sentiment Survey to check the temperature of the real estate sector. I’d love you to take 3 minutes and fill it out. I’ll share the results in next week’s newsletter.

One of the great things about Bullpen’s community is that it reaches most nooks and crannies of the market. I think we’ll get some really interesting data! 

Scalable, predictable revenue growth …

Most investors, developers, lenders, and brokers hustle for growth. However, statistically speaking, the average real estate firm in the US has 1.5 employees. In other words, most real estate businesses struggle to scale. 

Through the grapevine, I heard about The Sales Acceleration Formula by Hubspot’s third employee and Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Roberge. While at Hubspot, Mark grew the startup’s revenue from $0 to $100 million in 7 years. 

Mark’s strategy for growth is 4 fold:

1) Hire the same successful salesperson every time

2) Train every salesperson in the same manner

3) Hold salespeople accountable to the same processes

4) Provide salespeople with the same quantity and quality of leads every month 

Spoiler alert … Mark’s demand generation strategy for Hubspot was 100% inbound. Yes, he grew the company from $0 to $100 million without an outbound, cold-outreach strategy. 

Rather than try to summarize Mark’s 200-page book in this email, I’ve linked his talk at Google below.

At Bullpen, we’re currently implementing Mark’s growth strategies. I’ll report back later with how they work. 🚀 

That’s all for this week! If you’ve made it this far and haven’t completed our market survey yet, please do! I’ve re-linked it here.

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