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Written by Tyler Kastelberg

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Happy Sunday!

Things have been rockin’ and rollin’ over here at Bullpen for the past few weeks, so much so that we need your help.  

First – a quick preview of today’s letter …

  1. Why we need your help
  2. A software offer that’s worth considering
  3. Exciting news for our content 

Why we need your help

We have several part-time (20+ hrs/wk) contracts that we’re looking for freelancers to fill. These roles are with some very reputable acquisition and development companies in the real estate industry. 

The problem? We don’t have enough freelancers to fill all of these roles.  

This is where you come in … I’d love you to send us referrals to people who freelance as a career in the commercial real estate industry. In particular, we need folks who:

  1. Have 20+ hrs/wk availability
  2. Do not have a full-time, W2 job (or wants to leave their W2 job to freelance)
  3. Are particularly good at financial modeling (acquisitions/development team support) 

As a thank you, we’ll send you $500 per referral who is hired. 

A software offer that’s worth considering

I recently connected with Will Trepp, the COO at Rockport. The company makes a variety of software for the commercial real estate industry, including their Argus competitor, Rockport Val. If you’re interested in transitioning your financial modeling away from Excel, definitely give consideration to Val. 

Let’s talk numbers … the annual subscription is $2,500/year. If you use our promo code “BULLPEN20” at sign-up, you’ll receive 20% off, bringing the cost to $2,000 per year. I’m not positive if this works for the monthly subscription … try it and let me know. You can sign up here

Additional resources like training videos and demos can be found here

Don’t worry, there is a free tier too. 

Exciting news for our content

We recently hired a journalist who is going to start highlighting the incredible work and skills that people have in our community. I’m extremely excited about this –> the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had are with clients and talent who really know commercial real estate. Now, these conversations will be able to be shared with all of you. 

Next week, we’re sharing an interview that I did with Matt Annibale, a Senior Director of Acquisitions at First National Realty Partners. We’ll be discussing his experience investing in one of my new favorite asset classes, grocery-anchored retail. As part of it, we’ll cover topics like deal killers and why grocery-anchored retail is still going to be relevant in the future. 

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