My Woodstock

Written by Tyler Kastelberg

May 1, 2022

Happy Sunday!

One of my favorite parts about running Bullpen is that every three-ish months I am forced to massively grow as a leader. As I write this, I’m in the middle of a two-front effort:

  1. Creating a true management structure for the first time, and
  2. A massive overhaul of how we connect freelancers and companies. 

Firstly … Uri Jaskiel sent me the book Traction by Gino Wickman after I shared some of our woes in this newsletter a few weeks ago. The book describes the Entrepreneurial Operating System (“EOS”), a leadership strategy intended to get your team “rowing” in the same direction. We’re implementing it in our business and are already seeing positive results. 

If you’re struggling to get your team on the same page, DM Uri. 

Secondly … We’re knee-deep in developing a predictable and repeatable process for connecting freelancers and companies. Over the past few months, we’ve had a lot of really happy customers and (unfortunately) a few engagements that felt like I was watching a trainwreck in slow motion.  

We’ve learned a lot and are applying data to statistically create more successful work relationships than any other staffing company in the real estate industry. The “nerdy engineer” part of me is loving it. 

Resilience, humility, grit … three traits that are required when doing something nobody has done before. 

What about real estate?

Given the above efforts, I didn’t make space this week to do one of my usual commercial real estate deep dives. Instead, I’ve linked one of our top newsletters from last month, Grocery Anchored. It contains part of an interview I did with John Grellner (a Bullpen freelancer) on his experience as an analyst at a grocery-anchored retail fund. We discuss the difference in value created by a Whole Foods vs Food Lion, red flags in grocery leases, and the most important grocery lease metric. Enjoy! 

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