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$300B Screw Up

This week, we’re shining a light on a MASSIVE story unfolding in China, the $300 billion (with a B) implosion of homebuilder Evergrande. Big shoutout to Max Shedlosky from our team who is keeping a pulse on Evergrande and contributed to this week’s letter.


3 Things

Happy Sunday! Last week I foreshadowed a discussion on the marketing strategies that have (and haven’t) worked at Bullpen. However, I’m going to punt that discussion


You’re asking the wrong question …

Sales and marketing without a product that solves a problem that a lot of people have (and value) is akin to starting a dumpster fire with cash. The flames might grow quickly, but they’ll burn out when the cash is gone.


THE top fundraising strategy for real estate

How do you create a good brand? This is a million-dollar question, and it evolves constantly. I haven’t found a scientific formula, but I’ve observed top brands have a decent product and are exceptional at the one or more of the below.


I had a bad idea …

Every bad idea must come with a problem. No matter how cool a bad idea is, if it isn’t solving a problem, then it’s a worthless bad idea.


Keep your deal pipeline full like the pros

Before working on this piece, I thought that institutional real estate firms exclusively sourced their deals from brokers. However, I was wrong. In addition to brokers, institutional firms leverage relationships with other firms and public auctions to keep their deal pipeline full.