Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Influencers on Youtube

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Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Influencers on Youtube

Content is king. Commercial real estate gurus are embracing the new age of content marketing, creating impressive online followings. These content creating influencers use podcasts, vlogs, and interviews to get their message to the masses. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Commercial Real Estate influencers on Youtube below.

1. Grant Cardone, Cardone Capital

Subscribers: 1,100,000+

2. Spencer Burton, Adventures In CRE

Subscribers: N/A (Total Views: 831,000+)

3. Bruce Kirsch, REFM

Subscribers: 2,100+ (Total Views: 340,000+)

4. Michael Blank,

Subscribers: 7,400+

5. Rod Khleif, The Lifetime Cash Flow Academy

Subscribers: 4,800+

6. Joe Fairless, Ashcroft Capital

Subscribers: 3,100+

7. John Highman, Commercial Brokerage P/L

Subscribers: 2,200+

8. Ben Leybovich, JustAskBen

Subscribers: 1,500+

9. Michael Belasco, Adventures in CRE

Subscribers: N/A (Total Views: 61,000+)

10. Justin Kivel, Break into CRE

Subscribers: N/A (Total Views: 10,700+)

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