Top 3 CRE Analyst Tasks

Written by Tyler Kastelberg

May 20, 2019

Analysts work on a vast array of tasks, but what are the top 3 commercial real estate analyst tasks? Using data collected from hundreds of Bullpen projects, we’ve compiled a list:

1) Excel Modeling

Real estate professionals most commonly ask Bullpen analysts to build excel models. The modeling needs range from simple multifamily acquisitions to complex, mixed-use developments. Custom models might include dynamic equity waterfall structures and government tax credit incentive programs. Analysts who join Bullpen’s talent network are encouraged to create simple, easy to understand deal summaries for layman readers.

2) Deal Narratives

Whether it be in the form of a deal memo or helping hand on an investor phone call, real estate professionals engage Bullpen analysts to help them clearly communicate their deal to key stakeholders. Narratives (or “Investment Memos”) contain various sections that describe the deal, including the sponsor’s strategy, property financials, and team detail.

3) Advisory

Sometimes you need a second set of eyes on a deal to have the confidence to proceed or walk away. Many of our seasoned analysts are engaged by real estate professionals to provide unbiased, third-party opinions on their deals. In most cases, Bullpen has an analyst local to the market in consideration who can provide neighborhood “intel” on the project.

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