Unique Adaptive Reuse Projects

Written by Tyler Kastelberg

March 7, 2022

Happy Monday!

As concerns about sustainability and historic preservation are at the forefront for policymakers, adaptive reuse development has thrived. 

What’s adaptive reuse?

Adaptive reuse describes the repurposing of an existing structure. Such real estate developments typically use historic tax credits, which I wrote a blog on a few years ago. 

This concept isn’t new. In fact, many historic tax credit-eligible projects have already been completed. Furthermore, the cost per square foot of an adaptive reuse project typically isn’t much less (if at all) compared to new development. 

Why bother with adaptive reuse?

While adaptive reuse developments are more complicated and comparable in cost to new development, you can’t beat their locations. Historic buildings are located on some of the best blocks in America, and regulations prevent their demolition. 

Hilton Hotels even has its own hotel line for conversions – The Tapestry Collection

Below are some unique adaptive use projects around the world –  

Portland Japanese Garden

Original Use: Zoo

Current Use: An authentic 5.5 acre Japanese garden 

Quirk Hotel – Richmond, VA

Original Use: Department store built in 1916

Current Use: Boutique hotel 

Union Station – Denver, CO

Original Use: Train station

Current Use: Dining, shopping, hospitality

The Chapel on the Hill – United Kingdom

Original Use: Methodist chapel

Current Use: Modern holiday home

Jaegersborg Water Tower – Copenhagen

Original Use: Water tower

Current Use: Student housing

Allez UP Rock Climbing Gym – Montreal

Original Use: Sugar refinery

Current Use: Climbing gym 

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