Customer Case Studies

Erin Volpp, COO

WHSE Partners

“Our initial project with Zaher went great, so we’ve continued to use him as our development analyst. It’s easy to forward him work for a quick and effective turnaround.”

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Matt Farris, Owner

Farris Capital Group

“Until you work with someone, you don’t know what they can do. Bullpen gave us a handful of great analyst candidates for one of our development projects. We hired Jordan and liked him so much that he became an on-going part of our team.”

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John Rickert, Executive Managing Director

Lee & Associates, Cincinnati

“Sean has been particularly good at helping us work through the development underwriting and waterfall structure with our partners. I have been extremely comfortable with putting Bullpen analysts in front of my clients.”

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Rob Lanphear, Principal

Pivot Development

“When I needed help creating a professional underwriting package for a multifamily development, Bullpen’s network helped me find an expert analyst who created a quick and detailed analysis.”

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Jeff Bunch, Principal

Urban Core

“Bullpen made it easy to find the analyst support we needed, helping us to negotiate better partnership terms on a condo development opportunity”

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